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Neil Stringer

Hi, I’m Neil, the writer behind eBooksandemail.com.
My passion is cutting edge marketing, customer service, and productivity.

Before I ever learned how to write copy – and I learned from the best by the way – I spent 15 years creating relationships face to face with clients in the counseling arena.

My education taught me how people think, and to master the psychology of persuasion.

From this solid understanding of how the human mind works I write copy that persuades people to not only drop their email address in your box, but more importantly, to open their wallets and actually buy from you.

Intrigued? Excited? Want to know more?

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The Call is FREE and 100% without any obligation. We’ll just chat for a while and I guarantee that if nothing else, you will be given ideas that if you implement, will change your marketing

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I write email sequences AND daily social media posts for my clients and their businesses.

It doesn’t matter what service you supply, I’ve written for over 40 different niches!

Just so you can “Try Before You Buy” I will send you a FREE email template that converts like crazy whenever my clients use it.

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Every business should have an eBook as part their lead generation and content marketing strategy!

It’s the new business card! It says more about you than a flier or a brochure ever can.

Your eBook can be about you or your brand, your product or your service.

Just about everyone has a smartphone or a tablet so it’s never been easier for them to devour your content.

If you’re ready to incorporate an eBook in your marketing strategy and decimate your competition?

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"Neil is the man and if he makes you an offer, I'd take it"
Mitch Miller
ground breaking copywriter and influencer
"Thank you Neil for the amazing work you have done for me over the past few months. The eBooks you've helped me with are fantastic and my audience love them. I don't know how you manage to produce the content that you do in such a timely manner but it's much appreciated ❤️ Here's to the next project and more writing!"
"Neil Stringer is a terrific asset to have onboard any type of writing project. He's fast yet extremely meticulous with his research and writing. When he delivers a project to me, whether it's a lengthy book or a short report, I know it will basically be ready to go. I've hired hundreds of writers throughout my years in the internet marketing business, and Neil is one of the finest I've come across. I'll be utilizing his formidable talents very soon!"
Rob Wiser
Creator of 50+ successful digital information products
The laundry lady said one one sentence that made me spend 4X more than I was planning.
See, I knew in town I could wash my clothes for 40 baht and she wanted to charge me 180 baht.
So I told her never mind.
"You're going to use the dirty machines?"
No of course not...
and I handed my clothes and money over
Truth is I don't know if those machines were dirty or not but the way she said made me think they must be filthy.
Or she was an awesome saleswoman and knew the one thing that would get her the business.
It's like when I hired Neil the wordsmith to write some ads for me.
He knew just what to say that makes people to go "No I'm not doing that" and schedule a call to talk to us.
Words are important and I have that much less cash to show for it because the laundry lady sold me on her services over the other options.
Nick carpenter
Legion of Loan Officers