My Local Deli Just Did Something New

They’ve mounted a whole new range of wall dispensers for things like dried fruit, granola, nuts and all sorts of other cool stuff.

What drew my attention was the sign

You fill…
We weigh…
You pay!

I liked that.
It made me smile.
It’s so simple,
so unequivocal,
so on point.

It reminded me of the smorgasbord of words I offer to my copy clients.

Tens of thousands of them.
Big words…
Little words…
Emotional words…
and Action words.

Many optimised with their long tails.

Just Like Taking A Trip To The Wall Buffet At The Deli, Tell Me What You're Hungry For...

I’ll hand select the choicest, most appropriate words, craft the perfect copy, and deliver content that will be a pleasure for you or your hungry customers to devour.

My supply of words combine to make you salivate before satisfying your hunger whether you’re craving a quick snack, a delicious sandwich or a full blown cordon-bleu Michelin starred meal.

It’s so much better than the wall dispenser at my local Deli, because some occasions demand so much more…

Close Your Eyes For A Moment.

Imagine you’re seated at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse…

You hear your steak sizzling on a 5000 plate from across the dining room…
It arrives at your table…
You inhale the wonderful aroma…
You see the work of art on the plate in front of you…

Then you take that first bite…

Copy That Agency Steak Image

Reading Your New Copy Will Be Like That First Bite...

An experience that speaks to your soul on a deep, emotional level.

Whether you want copy that’s like a burger from the Golden Arches (with fries and a shake)…

Healthy cold cuts from my local Deli…

Or a full gastronomic delight from the world’s best 3-starred fine dining restaurant.

You get to choose and we provide the satisfaction, Guaranteed.

I’ll serve your new copy to you.

Composed from scratch.

Created to convert.

Unlike The Deli, I Don't Sell Granola, Dried Fruits or Nuts

What I create are

• Ebooks
• Ecom outreach and follow-up campaigns
• Email sequences
• Lead Magnets
• Product descriptions
• Sales Pages
And so much more

You’re welcome to order exactly what you want.

Copy That! Agency Is Quite Different

Copy created to make you look good by delivering results for your clients.

And when it comes to results, our kind of copy is priceless.

You already know ‘Copy That! 2.0’
Our entry level product.
The copy you need for just $97…

You’ve seen ‘Copy That! Confidential’
My private members circle enjoy weekly training, a monthly consult, a monthly eBook and a 50% discount on other services. All for about $47 a month (at the moment) …

‘Copy That! Agency’

It’s for clients needing Agency levels of service.
Regular copy, on demand, as needed.
For their own business, their client’s business or a combination of the two.

You contract for 216 hours and upto 60,000 (yes, that’s 60k) words…

Words that can be ordered and consumed between now and the end of a full 12 months.

Words for any number of projects…

Words for any type of sales / marketing / website / blog type / project.

All for a fixed price of only $2,250

That’s just 3.75 cents / word.

Use up your hours or your word count by mid-year?

Simple, just pick up more!

Want to spread the cost? No problem!

Each month, we will work for up to 18 hours on your project (that includes research time) and include up to 5,000 words. 

You’ll pay a fixed fee of just $237.50 a month. That’s 4.75 cents a word.

Best Option:
1 Payment Of $2,250

Monthly Option: $237.50/Month