Over the years I have Paid My Dues... and I continue to Do So To This day.

I have invested a lot of money in myself and my business.

Sometimes I invested money when it was literally a choice between acquiring knowledge or buying food… such was my determination and level of commitment to my success.

When I wanted to learn about Facebook, pixels and ads, I invested money in the best 1-on-1 training I could find.
It was the same when I wanted to learn how to master You Tube…
I learned Local Business Marketing and Consulting from Drew Laughlin. He taught me the principles behind writing, using and selling eBooks (a core part of my business today).
All of that was built on the incredible foundation laid down by that demi god of copy and positioning, Mitch Miller. Working one-on-one with Mitch for a year was not just incredible… it was transformational.
Attending Masterminds in places like Cozumel, Mexico and Lake Tahoe, USA were seminal events in my life. 
More investments that came with incredible ROI’s.
The learning and the knowledge gained stood me in good stead and over the years I have been privileged to pass on that knowledge to individuals eager to see their businesses grow. 


I want to help people eager to jump start their businesses despite Covid.
People who are determined to elevate their businesses to whole new levels.
People not only eager to learn, but are committed to implement
People for whom the word ‘fail’ is not in their personal dictionary.
AI, for all those people – and for YOU – I’m pleased to launch ‘Copy That! Confidential’
Membership will be strictly limited for reasons that will become apparent in a moment.
Founder Members will benefit from:
Dealing with issues vital to sales and marketing success. We will cover subjects like sales and marketing psychology, using NLP when writing Copy and so much more. 
Each book will contain information that you can use today to grow your business. (My books usually sell for $25 – or more – each.)
Specifically written to teach the principles of Copy and Positioning, They will also provide further information on the subject of the months eBook. 
Also, this is where I can help by answering specific questions you ask and addressing problems you may be dealing with. (I can’t put a dollar value in this… so I’m not going to try.)
This is where we will work on aspects of your business. (Calls with me are usually billed at $97-$197 depending in the nature of the call.)
Each month you can send me a piece of copy. A Landing Page, an Offer, an Ad. Whatever you want.
I will critique it and offer suggestions to make it more effective. 
You want me just to write your copy? I will do that too for normal Copy That! rates. (This service has a value of $300+)
5: 50% discount on all Copy That! services 
This includes eBooks, landing pages, sales letter, social media etc etc.
This discount will be available for as long as you are part of Copy That! Confidential. (Value here depends on what you need but would be expected to run into hundreds.)
Now, all of these benefits – only ever going to be available to members of Copy That! Confidential – will require 2 things from you:
1: You commit to learning and taking the action required to build your business.
2: You make a monthly investment of just $47.
Yes, you read that right!
My mentors told me I’m mad and the investment level should be at least $197 a month. And that would still represent great value.
But I don’t want that. I know from talking to many of you, money is a scare resource right now.
More importantly, I know that success comes from providing great value, not by chasing money.
A limited number of Founder Members will be charged just $47/month for the hundreds of monthly value.

Once My Limited Number Is Reached

The monthly investment required will double to $97 and the included personal call will be removed. (Calls will still be available – but charged at 50% of my normal rates. )
If You want in… if you want
1: the eBook of the month
2: the weekly email
3: the monthly 1-on-1 consult call
4: the monthly copy critique
5: the 50% discount in all Copy That! Services
A combined value of literally hundreds of dollars each month, you MUST let me know very quickly. 
Today even.
The reason the ‘Founder’ Places are strictly Limited is because I just don’t have time to be hands on and make personal calls to everyone who wants them!
If you want in, click the subscribe button now!’ 
Once I reach the ‘Founder Level’ limit, the one-on-one monthly call will no longer be included and the price will rise to $197 a month. 
So, if you want to work with me for just $47/month – instead of $1,000s a month – don’t delay.
Subscribe today.