Copy That!


More Than The Price Of That Morning Cup Of Coffee?

You already have your e-comm store, product or special offer.

But you do know that your customer email list is your biggest business asset, right? Especially when it comes to those lucrative repeat sales and referrals…

Yet you struggle to come up with regular emails to excite your customers, keep them engaged and keep them buying!

I’m a fellow entrepreneur and I know as well as anyone just how busy things can get. And I can remember the pressure to send email after email when I was so busy, uninspired…

Oor even too lazy.

And I remember the guilt… I’m betting you can relate.

These days my business is writing e-books and emails for clients just like you.

And I’m busy. 
Very busy.

Too busy to work with many of the people who reach out to me.

But in these difficult times I do want to help!

Introducing Copy That 2.0!

  •  1st, we get on a 45 minute call – so I can get under the skin of your business (value – $200)
  • Then, within 48 hours I will rewrite your sales letter (or Landing Page) using the best NLP Techniques (value $1,000)
  • Finally, I will provide you with 3 of my best performing, tried and trusted emails – specifically tailored to your business (value – $300)

That’s a $1,500 value – a number that my clients are very happy to pay…

But I’m not offering “ Copy That! 2.0” for anything like $1,500.

Truth is YOU can have it all for A LOT LESS than the cost of a Frappuccino Venti ($4.71) at your favourite coffee shop for the next 3 weeks….

I’ll do it all for just ... $97

You can’t find a better bargain than that. 


I know… I looked.

Now, Imagine for A Moment That...

Your new sales letter, or one of my emails gets you just one extra sale tomorrow…

What would that do for you today?

What if it got you an extra 10 sales?
How About 100?

And you can use all 5 of the emails over and over again…

No more guesswork…

No more wringing your hands in fear…

Because now you have a set of tested, proven battle-hardened copy to call you own.

Just press “send” … open the floodgates to an avalanche of clicks…
and have fanatical buyers kicking down your door…

Sign up today and get a special bonus –
My sought after special report   

“How To Use NLP In Your Copy To Supersize Your Response Rate”
[Previously ONLY available for my my private clients. ($100 value)]

All that adds up to a $1,600 value for the price of a few coffee’s!

So the time is now.

To schedule your call and get things moving, click this link:


Why would I give you:

  • The 45 minute 1-on-1 call
  • The rewrite of your sales letter or landing page

  • The 3 emails written specifically for your business

  • The Bonus Report “How To Use NLP In Your Copy To Supersize Your Response Rate”

All that for less than the cost of your morning Frappuccino!

Simple really…

Because I know that some of you will be so impressed that you will want to hire me to write an eBook for you… 
or you will invest in my usual done-for-you services and full marketing packages.

Talk soon.