I want YOU to be like Simon Cowell.

Why? Because I think he may well be the best sales guy on the planet.

Why do I think he’s as good as it gets?

Simple really…

Because no one realizes he’s selling.

He doesn’t sell anyone to be on AGT or BGT.

Yet masses of people travel a long, long way just to line up for hours, united by their craving for the chance of an audition.

People literally begging for the chance to pick up what Cowell is laying down…

To be on his stage.

Now, as a guy worth over half a BILLION dollars (maybe more than all the current marketing guru’s put together), he must be doing something right.

How much time a day do you think he devotes to making sales calls and chasing people do business with him?

I think he’s too chill for that.

His puts his offer is out there (the ads offering the chance to audition after a few of his TV shows).

Next, all Cowell does is look at the people lining up to perform and asks himself whether or not they are a good fit for his show.

That’s the mindset we need to adopt when it comes to marketing.

Before you even think about pitching, you need to ask yourself if the people you are targeting are a good fit for your product or service.

If they are, there are a couple of follow up questions:

#1: Can I help the person?

Can you legitimately help them with their goals?

If not, your targeting is off.

Find someone who can and move yourself out of the way.

#2: Can they pay for my services?

No other comment needed here – I hope!

Your copy should be like Mr. Cowell.

Get people lining up to talk to you (or your client).

If you get ‘buzzed off’ – change the offer and the copy until you get that Golden Buzzer.

I want to make you more like Mr. Cowell.

And I do that by

  • writing your eBooks,
  • writing your sales copy
  • and writing your social media posts

And like Mr. Cowell, I have very limited availability…

I write all kinds of copy for my clients and their businesses.

It doesn’t matter what service you supply, I’ve written for over 40 different niches!