What’s the difference between a Salisbury Steak and a New York Strip from Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse?

After all, they both provide you with a hot meal, and they both stave off hunger. But that’s where the comparison stops…..

See one is a TV dinner, pre-packaged and frozen. It usually comes in individual portions, requires very little preparation and is a quick and easy fix when you’re hungry or just looking to eat on the fly.

Typical cost? Around $2.99.

The other is an aged USDA prime steak, broiled in a trademark 1800-degree oven, served butter topped on a plate heated to 500 degrees thus ensuring that your steak not only stays hot, but that you can hear the sizzle of your dinner coming from across the room.

Typical cost? Around $52.99.

Now both dinners have their place, but which sounds more enticing to you?

Which can you all but taste already?

That’s exactly how it is with your email copy.

Sure, you can sit down at your laptop, bash out a quick email, and if your game plan is to communicate with someone, you may have achieved what you set out to do.
You can invest some money, use some carefully crafted words that satisfies and converts, by getting your clients salivating at the taste of things to come.

It all comes down to choices. What do you want to achieve and more importantly, what you’re prepared to settle for.
Oh, and by the way, a Salisbury Steak TV dinner really isn’t steak at all. It’s ground beef with a few other added ingredients…

Whereas the Ruth’s Chris New York Strip…
(And don’t even get me going on their Tomahawk Ribeye at only $120… or I’ll have to put my fees up!)
So choices.

Do you run your business on the cheap, the convenient and the (maybe not so) cheerful?

Or do you want to sit at the top table and learn how to serve your customers the best?
It’s all up to you my friends.

Is your business looking for the New York Strip – or going to settle with the tv dinner for the rest of the year?

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It doesn’t matter what service you supply, I’ve written for over 40 different niches!

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